19:30 | 09 Oct 21 | The Blue Lamp

Irini Arabatzi and Fergus McCreadie

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There have been many extraordinary young musicians emerging from the Glasgow jazz scene in the last five years. Pianist, Fergus McCreadie, and singer, Irini Arabatzi, have both stunned audiences throughout the country with their bravura performances and recordings. They’re reinventing jazz for our age in Scotland. Fergus is the shooting star of the current Scottish jazz world. His Trio have toured all over Europe, signed for a major label, Edition, and have just recorded their third album. Fergus is renowned for bringing Scottish folk  and modern jazz traditions together in his music. He’s a young master in both genres and a virtuoso who plays with such naturalness and ease that his technique is lost in the beautiful music making. Irini is a one in a million singer. She’s that good. She’s from Greece and is steeped in Balkan traditions. She can sing folkloric tunes in outrageous tempos, and she can sing Cole Porter ballads in a warm breeze. Her pitch is extraordinary, timing on a pin; her sense of swing, harmony, melody, owning a lyric, is everything the most sophisticated jazz listener loves, but she does it for the first timers too - personality, joy, pleasure, it’s all in the mix.

They’ve never performed together before. 

What will they do? 

A special concert.