22:30 | 09 Oct 21 | The Blue Lamp


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Trombonist, guitarist, bandleader, Liam Shortall, is the Glasgow-based mover and shaker of the moment. He seems to power the new Glasgow scene  on his own - funk, soul, jazz all made for 2021. You can hear him with Tom McGuiire, The SNJO, Fat Suit, Aku!, Graham Costello’s Strata and many more. His core group is corto.alto. He calls it a nu-jazz band, and that’s the signal that the musicians are coming from jazz backgrounds and looking for new ways to refresh the tradition, new crossovers, new sounds. They play music that connects to their peers and they reach beyond. They’re signed to Bristol’s very cool Worm Discs label, and they’re out there promoting a sound that’s accessible, melodic, groove-laced, and perfect for late night Blue Lamp sessions - this is the band that turns the Lampie into the coolest late night hang in Britain.

Liam Shortall (Trombone) ,Mateusz Sobieski, Harry Weir(saxophones). James Mackay (guitar), Fergus McCreadie(piano), xxx(bass), Graham Costello (drums)